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Round Ray-Maxx. Clear Solar Pool Cover
Round Ray-Maxx. Clear Solar Pool Cover
Solar Swimming Pool Cover Clear Solar Pool Cover Solar Swimming Pool Cover Solar Swimming Pool Cover
Clear Solar Cover. Available in 12 & 16 gauge.

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Ray-Maxx™ Clear Solar Pool Cover. Available in 12 & 16 Gauge.

This Solar Pool Cover will simply outperform cheaper imitations. Still made in the USA, & a great value!

All Ray-Maxx™covers are now available with the Easy Draining Solar Cover™ Option. This option extends the life of the cover and makes the cover much easier to use.

This Solar Cover is manufactured using a unique extrusion technique, not used in most other Pool Covers of far less quality. A Solar cover that is extruded will always outlast the more conventional two piece construction style found in most Solar Covers sold by our competitors.

Before you buy a Solar Cover, ask if it is made of extruded material, like this one here. You will not be sorry you did!

12 gauge Solar Covers are backed by a 4 year warranty. 16 gauge covers are backed by a 6 year warranty. All solar covers are shipped with protective UV cover!

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