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Round Ray-Maxx Gold Series Solar Pool Covers
Round Ray-Maxx Gold Series Solar Pool Covers
Solar Swimming Pool Cover Gold Solar Pool Cover gold solar pool cover Gold Solar Pool Cover Solar Swimming Pool Cover
The very best cover for quality & heat retention! Offered in 12 & 16 Gauge. Go for the Gold!

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Ray-Maxx™ Gold Series Solar Pool Cover. Available in 12 & 16 Gauge.

This Solar Pool Cover will simply outperform cheaper imitations. Still made in the USA, & a great value!

Our Gold series covers utilize a gold reflective space age underside material. This reflective technology was first used by NASA, then in emergency blankets, and now this reflective coating technology has made it's way to the pool industry. You can learn more about reflective coating technology here.

This unique gold space age material reflects up to 97% of the heat back in to the pool. This heat is lost when using a cover without this reflective material.

All Ray-Maxx™covers are now available with the Easy Draining Solar Cover™ Option. This option extends the life of the cover and makes the cover much easier to use.

This Solar Cover is manufactured using a unique extrusion technique, not used in most other Pool Covers of far less quality. A Solar cover that is extruded will always outlast the more conventional Solar Cover sold by many of our competitors.

Before you buy a Solar Cover, ask if it is made of extruded material, like this one here. You will not be sorry you did!

12 gauge Solar Covers are backed by a 7 year warranty. 16 gauge covers are backed by a 10 year warranty.

This cover is blue on the top, and gold on the bottom.

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