About Us

The History of Pool Deals

Pool Deals Headquarters in Grand Island, NY

After losing his job in October 2004, our company founder decided to start a new venture. Having worked in the swimming pool industry for more than 7 years, he had an idea--build a website that would deliver swimming pool supplies right to your door, at prices that couldn't be beat.

However, there was just one problem. With only a few hundred dollars to his name, he realized he would never be able to afford to have a website built. So our founder did what he always does best. He figured out a solution to the problem.

After walking down the street one night he spotted a discarded computer that was curbside for the garbage pick-up the next day. After bringing the computer home, it powered up, but he still needed a computer monitor. For $5 a computer monitor was purchased from the local Salvation Army thrift shop. Our founder now had a functional computer and was ready to get to work.

The original computer that was used to create PoolDeals.com

Over the next several months he spent countless hours teaching himself how to build a website. Although it seemed like an impossible goal, in the Spring of 2005 a working website was put together and shortly thereafter the first order came in.

For the next three years, Pool Deals operated out of a 60 square foot office in the basement of a home and quickly grew to become one of the largest online retailers of swimming pool and hot tub supplies. The astonishing rate of growth certainly had its challenges, but our president's philosophy remains the same: offer the very best merchandise to our customers, at prices real people can afford.

In 2012 we shipped our 500,000th order. However, we treated this historic order with the same detail and care as the very first order that came in to our company in 2004. Every customer that shops at PoolDeals.com can expect value and service you will not find on any other website or with any other pool supply company.

It may sound boring to some people, but our business is Pool Supplies and we take it more seriously then anybody in the industry.

We strive to earn your business, and our staff of specialists in all things pool and spa are here to assist you with any questions you may have. At Pool Deals we are different than our competitors, with prices and knowledge our competition cannot match, backed by unsurpassed customer service!