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Liner Life Extender
Liner Life Extender
Protect You investment! Shields liner from Fading, Cracking, UV & Chemical damage.

Item # LNRXP

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Purchasing a new liner or want to protect your existing pool liner? Liner Life Extender is a specially formulated paste blend that is applied to the pool liner above the water line.

Did you know that 50% of liners fail due to the area of the pool liner above the water line becoming brittle due to damage from the sun and chemicals? By slowing down this natural process of liner deterioration, you end up with a pool liner that lasts much longer.

Liner Problems below the water typically start with the area above the water as well! Many Pool Liner failures occur in the vinyl, and / or the seams when too much tension is on the material. In many cases this occurs from shrinkage of the pool liner above the water. Even 1/8" of shrinkage can mean liner failure. Preventing this shrinkage is key to a long lasting pool liner.

This 3-N-1 product protects the liner from harmful UV damage, protects from harmful chemical damage, and moisturizes the vinyl not submerged in water.

Say goodbye to fading, cracking, dehydration and premature deterioration of your pool liner!

Liners that use this product typically end up with a 50-75% longer lifespan.

1 jar will treat to a 33' round pool, or a 20' x 40' rectangular pool.

A must for all pool liners!