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Pool Liner Answers

Q: How Do I Know What Type Of Liner I Need?

A: There are three common types of liners for Swimming Pools.

Overlap Liners - The most common type for Above Ground Pools is an Overlap liner. 75% of liners are of the Overlap style. An Overlap liner simply folds over the pool wall. If you look under your pools top ledges and see the liner folded over, you have an Overlap Pool Liner.

Beaded Pool Liners - A Beaded Pool Liner has a small wedge or "Bead" welded on the top of the pool liner. The liners Bead inserts in to a Bead Receiver track underneath the pool's top ledges, on the inside of the pool. The pool's Bead Receiver track is usually made from plastic, but sometimes metal. Typically you can see the track from the inside of the pool, if you look closely under the pools top ledges.

Unibead Liners - Sometimes referred to as J-Hook, V-Bead, Hang Bead, Hung Bead, or Universal Bead. These liners have a U-shaped flap welded to the top of the liner. This allows the liner to simply hang right on top of the pool wall.

Inground Pool Owners - More than 99% of Inground Pool Liners are Beaded Style. These liners have the same "Bead" at the edge as the Above Ground Pool Liners Do (See Beaded Pool Liners Above). It is very uncommon to have an Overlap Style liner, for an Inground Pool.

Q: Can I Install The Liner Myself?
A: Most of our customers do install their Pool Liners by themselves. All Liners come with complete installation instructions. Most Pool Liners can be installed in less than half a day!

Q: Should I Use Foam Pool Cove, Wall Foam, Or Gorilla Liner Guard?
A: Buying a pool liner is an investment. We offer Pool Cove, Wall Foam & Liner Guard to help protect your new Pool Liner, and help to extend the life of the New Liner. Most customers usually get an additional 5 years out of their liner buy using these products with their new Pool Liner.

Q: Do Pool Liner Come Pre-Cut For The Skimmer & Return?
A: Liners do not come pre-cut. This is done after the pool has begun to fill up.

Q: When Do I Cut The Pool Liner?
A: The Pool Liner gets cut for the skimmer box & return fitting after the pool has 1-2 feet of water in it. This allows the liner to stretch in to place first.

Q: What Else Do I Need To Install A Pool Liner?
A: Consider looking at our Foam Pool Cove, Wall Foam, & Gorilla Liner Guard. These items will also extend the life of the new Pool Liner & make installation far easier. If you have an Overlap liner, you should also purchase new Coping Strips. If you are replacing a Beaded liner, inspect you Bead Receiver sections & Replace as needed. Other items you may need are a new skimmer box, & a Chemical opening kit to to restart the pool.

Q: Can I Re-Use My Old Coping Strips
A: It is not generally a great idea to reuse old coping strips. They do get old & brittle as they age. They are fairly inexpensive to replace, & very easy to change when replacing the new pool liner.