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Wood Fired Swimming Pool Heater
Wood Fired Swimming Pool Heater
Heat your pool with wood! Extenda Swim wood fired pool heaters are now available!

Item # SKU25202

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The revolutionary Extenda Swim wood fired swimming pool heater is the perfect alternative to high gas or electric utility bills. With this exclusive design you get a return flow into your pool heated by 3-5 degrees. Not only is the running cost of the heater pretty much free because any kind of wood can be used, but you don't need to pay an electrician or gas-propane company to install the heater. Installation is so easy! With only 2 pipes to connect, in and out, no electric or gas connections needed. You can install yourself! This is the best choice for extending your pool season and enjoying your summer months without the worry of a cool weather period ruining your plans.

**For exterior use only.

Made of 10 and 12 gauge hot rolled steel, with 1/4" inch thick doors and firebrick lined fireboxes. Fully insulated with 1.5" thick fire insulation to provide maximum heat transfer, efficiency and safety, keeping the exterior from getting excessively hot. All heaters are tankless. Your pool pump pushes a continuous flow of water through the heat exchanger while the fire heats it. All welded, heavy steel construction, with firebrick lined firebox. Insulated to provide maximum heat efficiency. It's easy to install and set up, and burns logs up to 24" long.

Save money! Capable of increasing the water temperature from 60 to 80 degrees in 48 hours, in a 16' x 32' 20,000 gallon above-ground swimming pool while covered. This heater also raises the temperature in 20' x 40' 35,000+ gallon in-ground swimming pool from 55 degrees to 85 degrees in 48 hours, based on an outside temperature of 50 degrees. A solar/thermal blanket was used to contain the heat generated.

Variants of this product are available with the following Item #:
SKU25202, SKU252020, SKU252021